Complexions Intensives

Please read the following prior to the commencement of classes



Students are expected to attend every class for which they are scheduled. Students must contact Program Coordinator, Sumaya Jackson, to communicate any absences from class due to illness, injury or special circumstances. Students may not enter a class late or leave early without permission from the instructor or program director.


Food and Drink

Open food and drink are not allowed in the studios or dressing rooms. Water bottles are permitted and essential. All waste is to be disposed of in the available containers. Students are expected to maintain the cleanliness of the building. Students are expected to take care of themselves during this program and eat well. This is not the time or place to be dieting to take full advantage of this program and all it has to offer, students need to be well-nourished and well-rested. There are many delis and restaurants in the area where hot and cold food items are available for purchase.


Smoking/Drugs/Alcohol and Illegal Activity:

Smoking is not permitted at any time during the program on school premises. Possession or use of alcohol and/or drugs of any nature is not permitted and is grounds for immediate dismissal. Complexions Intensive practices a ‘no tolerance’ policy for drugs and alcohol. We do not allow students of any age to possess or use alcohol or drugs at any of our Complexions Intensives. Any illegal activity is grounds for immediate dismissal.


Rules Pertaining to the Success of the Intensive:

Always be supportive, humble and respectful toward all students and staff. Bad attitudes of and kind will not be tolerated. Be on time, alert and eager for all of your classes. Always have proper warm-up and rehearsal clothing with you during class. Please do not sit or block doorways and hallways. There will be a lot of students and members of the public sharing the same space during the Intensive and your respect for this space and for the students around you is greatly appreciated. Please keep your cell phone off during the class day.



Complexions Intensive provides an environment free of harassment or discrimination. Consistent with this, the Complexions Intensive will not tolerate any unlawful harassment of students, faculty, or employees. Such prohibited harassment includes verbal or physical conduct which is based upon an individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation,

national origin, age or disability.

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