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Wednesday December 27th – Saturday December 30th 2023 

There is no performance or closure event.



Manhattan Movement & Arts Center

248 W 60th St, New York, NY 10023

Between 10th & West End Avenues


Nearest Subway Stations: 
A, C, B, D: 59th St – Columbus Circle

1, 2: 66th St – Lincoln Center



Your registration is not considered complete until ALL registration forms and full program payment are received. 

If you are on a payment plan, please make sure to pay in full before December 10th, 2023



You will be initially assigned to a group based on your age and initial audition video, but a placement class will be the first activity for this program. Please note the class is intended to place you in the adequate group so you can make the most out of this experience.

Requests for group changes are not allowed.  Please trust us.

There will also be a placement class for Pointe Add-on.


10:00 - 11:45            NIQUE                                   

12:00 - 2:00              COMPLEXIONS REPERTORY        

2:00 – 2:30                LUNCH (for dancers in the Pointe Add-On Track)                    

2:30 - 4:00                POINTE REPERTORY (only for students who applied for this option)          





  • Please ensure hair is secured away from the face. 

  • Wear form fitting clothes.

  • Leotards (any color and style).

  • No crop tops.

  • Tights: black or skin tone preferred.

  • Black fitted dance shorts. No baggy or jogger shorts.

  • Ballet Slippers: skin toned or black.

  • Pointe shoes: skin tone is preferred.

  • Warmers, baggy pants, large t-shirts and sweatshirts are only allowed at the beginning of class and should be removed after plies at the barre.



We encourage you to bring your own snacks and beverages each day.

If you are under 18, you are not allowed to leave the building during the break.  There is no cafeteria and we are unable to escort you to a store. 

If you are 18+, please note limited options are available in the area, and there is only 30 minutes reserved for lunch. 

If you are not enrolled for the Pointe Add-On, you may leave before lunch break, after the Repertory class.





  • Important correspondence will occur via e-mail. 

  • Text messages will be used only if communication by email fails. Text or Instagram messages will only come from our Academy phones/account; no faculty or staff member is allowed to contact you with their personal number or account.


We suggest you add us to your contact list to avoid emails going to your undesired or junk folder.




CEL PHONE 1: +1 (212) 777 7771

CEL PHONE 2: + 1 (845) 751 2130

INSTAGRAM: @Complexions_Academy

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