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Complexions Contemporary Ballet was founded in 1994 by Master Choreographer Dwight Rhoden and Legendary Dancer Desmond Richardson and, through the years, has grown to become one of the most accomplished Contemporary Ballet Companies in America. Together, with the invention of their patented dance methodology "NIQUE", Rhoden and Richardson have innovated the Contemporary Ballet genre creating a new platform for Contemporary Dance. Staffed with elite level current and former professional dancers, as well as top dance educators and guest instructors, our intensives guide students like no other in developing the COMPLETE dancer.


Dancers are trained to achieve their full artistic potential with classes in a variety of techniques including Classical Ballet, Contemporary techniques, Modern, Jazz, Improv, Hip Hop, and  "NIQUE" our proprietary CONTEMPORARY BALLET TECHNIQUE.


Complexions Academy programs are designed to cultivate and develop strong, well-trained dancers with an emphasis on producing versatile artists that will allow them to be competitive in any arena of dance. 


NIQUE is the official techNIQUE of COMPLEXIONS Contemporary Ballet and was created in the formative years of the company by its Founders Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson.  This technique was developed with a TOTAL BODY approach to training and uses a fusion of CLASSICAL and CONTEMPORARY based dance methods to explore both on and off-center movement.  


NIQUE is geared toward the dancer that wants to broaden their understanding of the relationship between the upper and lower body, as well as the complexities of moving freely and clearly within a CONTEMPORARY style. 

This technique uses a Classical Ballet structure as its foundation, yet allows momentum, and the integration of a fully mobile torso, weight shift, and dynamics to enhance the outcome. Contemporary in its perspective, NIQUE places a special emphasis on COORDINATION, PHYSICAL IGNITION, PRECISION, EFFICIENCY, and CLARITY OF FORM.  


The NIQUE training method is designed to take a dancer to the next level, through a series of fluid exercises constructed to build STRENGTH, STABILITY and OVERALL PLACEMENT. From the barre to Center floor, NIQUE focuses on versatility and range - with a keen awareness of the fullness in physicality necessary to convey impactful dancing.

At Complexions Academy we believe all students can embrace their uniqueness, 

define their future, and change the world through DANCE.

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